Sisters: Season Three

Released: January 19, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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"The men in your life may leave you, children grow up, parents pass away. The only ones who are there for you, from cradle to grave, are your sisters."

The four Reed siblings continue their shared journey through the pitfalls and joys of life in the third season of Sisters, the beloved drama from creators Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman. Finally available on DVD, Sisters: Season Three follows Alex (Swoozie Kurtz), Georgie (Patricia Kalember), Frankie (Julianne Phillips), and Teddy (Sela Ward) - four very unique women joined by the most special bond of all: family. Season Three finds Georgie experiencing a horrible accident and giving birth, and Teddy finding new success as a clothing designer. Frankie contends with new challenges in her marriage to Mitch (Ed Marinaro, Hill Street Blues). And a shocking diagnosis for Alex leads to her finding strength she never knew she had.

Featuring terrific supporting turns from Elizabeth Hoffman and Garrett M. Brown, as well as early acting roles from Ashley Judd (Divergent) and Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Sisters: Season Three builds upon the strong characterizations and storylines that made the series a hit whose themes remain both entertaining and relevant to this day.


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Episode Episode Title
1 Sisters: Sunstroke
2 Sisters: The Bottom Line
3 Sisters: A Promise Kept
4 Sisters: And God Laughs
5 Sisters: Sins Of The Mothers
6 Sisters: Lost Souls
7 Sisters: Accidents Will Happen
8 Sisters: Crash And Born
9 Sisters: The Best Seats In The House
10 Sisters: Rivals
11 Sisters: Portrait Of The Artists
12 Sisters: Teach Your Children Well
13 Sisters: All That Glitters
14 Sisters: Crimes And Ms. Demeanors
15 Sisters: The Whole Truth
16 Sisters: Things Are Tough All Over
17 Sisters: Moving Pictures
18 Sisters: Mirror, Mirror
19 Sisters: Different
20 Sisters: Dear Georgie
21 Sisters: Some Other Time
22 Sisters: The Cold Light Of Day
23 Sisters: Out Of The Ashes
24 Sisters: The Icing On The Cake
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Sisters: Season Three

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