SIGNAL The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit

Released: March 15, 2022 • Available in US & Canada
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Theme song by BTS "Film Out". Produced by back number, UTA for TinyVoice, Production (Iyori Shimizu from back number, JUNG KOOK).

When officer Kento Saegusa (Kentaro Sakaguchi) picks up a dusty old police radio that's about to be scrapped, it brings him into contact with Takeshi Oyama (Kazuki Kitamura). The two detectives, one from the past and one from the present, have worked together to solve countless cold cases. Now they're back together once more!

Tokyo, 2021. A high-ranking government official is killed when his chauffeur loses control on an expressway. Saegusa suspects it was far from accidental. Meanwhile in 2009, parliamentary officials are dying in a succession of fatal car crashes. While the police write them off as accidents, Oyama is the only one convinced of foul play.

This time, Saegusa and Oyama are forced to go up against corruption in their own home: the police force. Will they finally reunite in the present?

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Signal: The Movie

Kentarô Sakaguchi Kento Saegusa
Kazuki Kitamura Takeshi Ooyama
Michiko Kichise Misaki Sakurai
Yûichi Kimura Tsutomu Yamada
Tetsuhiro Ikeda Shinya Kojima
Tetta Sugimoto Munehisa Mitani
Kaede Aono Rika Anzai
Nao Honda Michiru Koizumi
Tetsushi Tanaka Satoshi Yamasaki
Takeshi Kaga Shinjiro Itagaki
Hajime Hashimoto Director
Kôsuke Nishi Writer
Takashi Hagiwara Producer
Mai Ishida Producer
Takahiro Kasaoki Producer
Ichiryû Obara Producer
Yôko Toyofuku Producer

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