Scanners II: The New Order / Scanners III: The Takeover [Double Feature]

Released: September 10, 2013 • Available in US
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Product Note: Both films are on Blu-ray and DVD in this combo pack.



A breed of humans with dangerously powerful telepathic abilities – the scanners – are being recruited by a corrupt police commander, John Forrester, in his crusade to take over the city. Forrester first enlists the help of an evil scientist, Dr. Morse, who wants to conduct mind-control experiments on the scanners with a new drug. When the side effects render the scanners incapable, Forrester then finds David Kellum (David Hewlett, Cube, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes), a rational scanner who, unaware of his own powers, agrees to help him. Will Kellum discover Forrester’s real motive and prevent the “New Order” from being established?


A young scanner (Liliana Komorowska, Screamers) with extraordinary telepathic powers transforms into a lethal killing machine after taking one of her father’s experimental drugs. After taking over his pharmaceutical company, the deranged scanner runs amok on a killing spree and takes over a television company in her quest for world domination. As her thirst for more power grows stronger, only one man – her scanner brother – might have the power to stop her.

Why We Love It

"SCANNERS II is an entertaining and efficient programmer. Fans of the first film will enjoy the ride if they keep their expectations in check" -Rock Shop Pop

"Scanners remains both an enjoyable horror movie and an interesting “tipping-point” – after this movie Cronenberg would create what many see as his best film, Videodrome, before proving himself capable of some more accessible work in the shape of The Dead Zone and The Fly, both of which were great successes. I encourage any fans who have somehow missed this one so far to check it out immediately."-Flick Feast 

Product Information

Scanners II: The New Order / Scanners III: The Takeover [Double Feature]

B.J. Nelson Writer
Christian Duguay Director
David Hewlett Actor
Deborah Raffin Actor
Pierre David Producer
Yvan Ponton Actor
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