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A Powerful Epic From Director Chen Kaige

Vengeance never dies in this stirring, action-packed masterpiece from legendary director Chen Kaige (Farewell, My Concubine). A powerful General (Wang Xuegi) at the court of Duke Ling decides to seize the throne by murdering the Duke and pinning the crime on his rivals, the dedicated Zhao family. In the violent upheaval that follows, the entire Zhao clan is massacred, except for one small baby who is smuggled out by a loyal doctor (Ge You). Raising the Zhao boy as his own in the General's household, the doctor patiently readies him for revenge and the opportunity to reclaim the royal seat that is rightfully his. Also starring Huang Xiaoming, Fan Bingbing and Vincent Zhao, it's a sweeping epic full of dazzling martial arts moves, lavish sets and stunning cinematography.

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Bao Guoan Actor
Chen Hong Producer
Chen Kaige Director
Chen Kaige Writer
Fan Bingbing Actor
Ge You Actor
Hai Qing Actor
Huang Xiaoming Actor
Long Qiuyun Producer
Qin Hong Producer
Ren Zhonglun Producer
Vincent Zhao Actor
Wang Xueqi Actor
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