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Drama / TV

Route 66: Season One

Released: September 3, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Get Ready To Hit The Open Road On Route 66!

When two friends — Tod Stiles (Martin Milner) and Buz Murdock (George Maharis) — set off across the country in their beautiful new Corvette convertible, they never imagined the series of adventures in which they’d find themselves. Join Tod and Buz on Route 66 as they drive from town to town, helping anyone who needs it, in the classic television series that helped immortalize this scenic stretch of American highway.

Includes special appearances by guest stars Leslie Nielsen, Lee Marvin, Jack Lord, Anne Francis, Walter Matthau, Robert Duvall and more!

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Episode Episode Title
Route 66: Trap At Cordova
Route 66: A Skill For Hunting
Route 66: The Newborn
Route 66: Don't Count Stars
Route 66: Most Vanquished, Most Victorious
Route 66: Eleven, The Hard Way
Route 66: Effigy In Snow
Route 66: Like A Motherless Child
Route 66: An Absence Of Tears
Route 66: Fly Away Home, Part 2
Route 66: Sleep On Four Pillows
Route 66: Fly Away Home, Part 1
Route 66: The Clover Throne
Route 66: Play It Glissando
Route 66: The Quick And The Dead
Route 66: Sheba
Route 66: A Fury Slinging Flame
Route 66: The Beryllium Eater
Route 66: Layout At Glen Canyon
Route 66: Legacy For Lucia
Route 66: Three Sides
Route 66: Ten Drops Of Water
Route 66: The Strengthening Angels
Route 66: The Man On The Monkey Board
Route 66: The Swan Bed
Route 66: A Lance Of Straw
Route 66: Black November
Route 66: Incident On A Bridge
Route 66: Welcome To Amity
Route 66: The Opponent
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Route 66: Season One

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George Maharis Actor
James Brown Actor
Martin Milner Actor
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