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Quincy, M.E.: The Final Season

Released: March 10, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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All 24 Episodes

Jack Klugman’s brilliant and uncompromising medical examiner returns for one more shift in the eighth and final season of the hit series Quincy, M.E.

Investigating suspicious deaths for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office, the strong-willed Quincy was a favorite of TV fans for his medical mystery-solving prowess as well as his investigations into the social issues of the day. In this season’s offering (originally airing from 1982 to 1983), the good doctor explores the topics of drug abuse, the failings of our legal and corporate structure, teenage suicide, and the effects of song lyrics on our nation's youth.

Often considered a precursor to today's successful crime-scene investigation dramas, Quincy, M.E.: Season Eight is the riveting final piece of the puzzle for fans wanting to complete their collection of this much-requested drama favorite.

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Quincy, M.E.

Garry Walberg Actor
Jack Klugman Actor
John S. Ragin Actor
Joseph Roman Actor
Robert Ito Actor
Val Bisoglio Actor
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