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Quincy, M.E.: Season Six

Released: July 9, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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The legendary Jack Klugman returns as television’s original Crime Scene Investigator, Dr. R. Quincy, in Season Six of the classic ‘70s medical drama, Quincy M.E.

Season Six finds Quincy investigating several confounding mysteries, including a slew of strange symptoms displayed by his foster son on an Indian reservation, the death of a promising young athlete, a questionable best-selling diet book, an airplane crash in Santa Monica Bay, a jewel-smuggling mummy and more!

Quincy, M.E. ran for 8 seasons on NBC and paved the way for a multitude of modern-day medical mystery dramas.

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Episode Episode Title
Quincy, M.E.: Headhunter
Quincy, M.E.: Dear Mummy
Quincy, M.E.: Stain Of Guilt
Quincy, M.E.: By Their Faith
Quincy, M.E.: Welcome To Paradise Palms
Quincy, M.E.: The Hope Of Elkwood
Quincy, M.E.: The Night Killer
Quincy, M.E.: Last Day, First Day
Quincy, M.E.: A Matter Of Principle
Quincy, M.E.: Last Rights
Quincy, M.E.: Vigil Of Fear
Quincy, M.E.: To Kill In Plain Sight
Quincy, M.E.: Sugar And Spice
Quincy, M.E.: Of All Sad Words
Quincy, M.E.: Seldom Silent, Never Heard
Quincy, M.E.: Who Speaks For The Children
Quincy, M.E.: Scream To The Skies
Quincy, M.E.: Jury Duty
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Quincy, M.E.

Garry Walberg Actor
Jack Klugman Actor
John S. Ragin Actor
Joseph Roman Actor
Robert Ito Actor
Val Bisoglio Actor
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