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Quincy, M.E.: Season Seven

Released: November 11, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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All 24 Episodes

Jack Klugman returns as the City of Angels’ most brilliant and uncompromising medical examiner in Season Seven of the hit series Quincy, M.E.

Investigating suspicious deaths for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, the strong-willed Quincy frequently confronted some of the era’s toughest social issues. Season Seven’s 24 episodes (originally airing on NBC’s 1981-82 television season) find the intrepid doctor taking on cases involving fraternity hazing, toxic waste, gun control, and drunk driving.

Frequently cited as an influence on today’s successful crime investigation dramas, Quincy, M.E. Season Seven also features guest appearances by Mimi Rogers, Tyne Daly, Jonathan Frakes and Dixie Carter.

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Episode Episode Title
Quincy, M.E.: The Mourning After
Quincy, M.E.: Deadly Protection
Quincy, M.E.: The Last Leadbottom
Quincy, M.E.: The Unquiet Grave
Quincy, M.E.: The Face Of Fear
Quincy, M.E.: Expert In Murder
Quincy, M.E.: Stolen Tears
Quincy, M.E.: The Flight Of The Nightingale
Quincy, M.E.: The Shadow Of Death
Quincy, M.E.: To Clear The Air
Quincy, M.E.: Into The Murdering Mind
Quincy, M.E.: For Love Of Joshua
Quincy, M.E.: Smoke Screen
Quincy, M.E.: When Luck Ran Out
Quincy, M.E.: Guns Don't Die
Quincy, M.E.: Bitter Pill
Quincy, M.E.: Gentle Into That Good Night
Quincy, M.E.: Dead Stop
Quincy, M.E.: For Want Of A Horse
Quincy, M.E.: D.U.I.
Quincy, M.E.: Slow Boat To Madness, Part 2
Quincy, M.E.: The Golden Hour
Quincy, M.E.: Slow Boat To Madness, Part 1
Quincy, M.E.: Memories Of Allison
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Quincy, M.E.

Garry Walberg Actor
Jack Klugman Actor
John S. Ragin Actor
Joseph Roman Actor
Robert Ito Actor
Val Bisoglio Actor
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