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Quincy, M.E.: Season Five

Released: March 19, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Jack Klugman returns as television’s original Crime Scene Investigator, Dr. R. Quincy, in Season Five of the classic ‘70s medical drama, Quincy M.E.

Season Five finds Quincy investigating a death due to laced marijuana, the unholy murder of an evangelist, a suicide wrongly labeled a murder, the death of a man by an abusive family member, a drunk-driving homicide, tainted food at a football stadium that threatens to kill 90,000 spectators and more!

Death may be the end, but crime never sleeps and Quincy doesn’t rest until justice has been served!

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Episode Episode Title
Quincy, M.E.: Riot
Quincy, M.E.: Honor Thy Elders
Quincy, M.E.: The Money Plague
Quincy, M.E.: Murder By S.O.P.
Quincy, M.E.: For The Benefit Of My Patients
Quincy, M.E.: Nowhere To Run
Quincy, M.E.: Mode Of Death
Quincy, M.E.: Sweet Land Of Liberty
Quincy, M.E.: Hot Ice
Quincy, M.E.: Never A Child
Quincy, M.E.: By The Death Of A Child
Quincy, M.E.: Dead Last
Quincy, M.E.: Diplomatic Immunity
Quincy, M.E.: No Way To Treat A Flower
Quincy, M.E.: No Way To Treat A Patient
Quincy, M.E.: Deadly Arena
Quincy, M.E.: The Final Gift
Quincy, M.E.: TKO
Quincy, M.E.: New Blood
Quincy, M.E.: The Winning Edge
Quincy, M.E.: Unhappy Hour
Quincy, M.E.: Cover-Up
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Quincy, M.E.

Garry Walberg Actor
Jack Klugman Actor
John S. Ragin Actor
Joseph Roman Actor
Robert Ito Actor
Val Bisoglio Actor
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