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Pucca: Spooky Sooga Village

Released: September 16, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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Skeletons! Ghosts! Wedding Dresses? It's a collection of kooky spooky PUCCA episodes!

Spooky Sooga Village is a magical place snuggled between ancient rituals and modern monkey business, full of ninjas, monks, noodle chefs, magic potions and cursed clothing. Where else could you meet a girl like Pucca-the supercute, superpowered, pint-size kung fu queen.

Pucca, her ninja love Garu and their friends Abyo and Ching are ready for a fun night of Halloween Tricks and Treats. But with jumps and surprises around every corner, our mini martial artists may have to kung fu kick (or kiss) their way out of trouble.

Spooky Sooga Village is a witches' brew of mischief and mayhem for every boy and ghoul!

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Episode Episode Title
Pucca: Funny Love Eruption
Pucca: Unfortunate Cookies
Pucca: Ninjasaurus
Pucca: Itsy Bitsy Enemy Within
Pucca: Invisible Trouble
Pucca: High Voltage Ninjas
Pucca: The Cursed Tie
Pucca: Ghost Of A Kiss
Pucca: A Force Of Won
Pucca: The Usual Ching
Pucca: Them Bones
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Brian Drummond Actor
Chantal Strand Actor
French Tickner Actor
Lee Tockar Actor
Tabitha St. Germain Actor
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