Psycho II [Collector's Edition]

Released: September 24, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Scream Factory


“Director Richard Franklin deftly keeps the suspense and tension on high…” - Variety

Anthony Perkins makes a terrifying homecoming in his roles as the infamous Norman Bates, who after years of treatment in a mental institution for the criminally insane, has come home to run the Bates Motel. Vera Miles returns as the woman who is still haunted by her sister’s brutal murder and the ominous motel where it all occurred many years ago. Meg Tilly, Robert Loggia and Dennis Franz co-star in the terrifying sequel to Alfred Hitchock’s classic film.

Why We Love It

"Scream Factory’s Collector’s Edition release gives Psycho II a much-needed upgrade. The image quality is superb with rich inky shadows, a fine level of detail and a minimum of dirt and damage in the print." – Dr. Adam Jahnke, The Digital Bits

"Psycho II is a sequel worthy of any horror fan’s time, and a fine release like this makes purchasing it that much easier." – Anthony Arrigo, Dread Central

"The special features are nice and the first of its kind of U.S. release and the new high-definition transfer showcases the excellent cinematography by Dean Cundey on Psycho II in particular." – Carl Cortez, Assignment X

"Scream Factory’s Blu-ray does right by the film on a technical level and offers some special features that help to put the remake in its proper cultural and historical context." – Patrick Bromley, Daily Dead

"Trying to live up to the original and be an unforgettable horror movie that shakes the genre is what hurt this release long ago, but this Blu-ray is here now and ready to give this generation of horror fans an opportunity to some further insight on what they probably missed out on years ago. Psycho II is a clever film with an intent to shock audiences, and if you are looking to take another trip to the Bates Motel, this collector’s edition will make quite the satisfying dish." – Dustin Spencer, Capsule Computers


Bonus Features

  • NEW Audio Commentary With Screenwriter Tom Holland
  • Vintage Interviews With Cast And Crew Including Anthony Perkins And Director Richard Franklin
  • Vintage Audio Interviews With Cast And Crew
  • TV Spots
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

Product Information

Psycho II [Collector's Edition]

Anthony Perkins Actor
Hilton A. Green Producer
Meg Tilly Actor
Richard Franklin Director
Robert Bloch Writer
Tom Holland Writer
Vera Miles Actor
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