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Power Rangers Mystic Force: The Complete Series

Released: May 23, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
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Power Rangers


The evil Morticon leads his army of darkness to attack the modern-day peaceful city of Briarwood. To stop them, the powerful sorceress Udonna recruits a team of five teenagers destined to become the Power Rangers Mystic Force. Udonna takes this new team of Rangers to her magical headquarters in an otherworldly forest known as Rootcore. There, the Rangers practice magic and through the powers of the magical book known as the Xenotome, use spells to battle back the forces of evil encroaching on our world. Equipped with Mystic Morphers and Magi Staffs and aided by other magical Rangers, our heroes will need every trick up their sleeves to overcome the vast armies of Morticon.

Includes All 32 Episodes!

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Power Rangers Mystic Force: The Complete Series

Angie Diaz Actor
Chris Graham Actor
Firass Dirani Actor
John Tui Actor
Melanie Vallejo Actor
Nic Sampson Actor
Peta Rutter Actor
Richard Brancatisano Actor
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