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Pound Puppies: Holiday Hijinks

Released: November 5, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Time For Some Holiday Hijinks!

The holidays are here and no one is more excited than these loveable Pound Puppies! But can the gang — Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Strudel, Squirt and Mr. Nut-Nut — make sure that every pet has a family of their very own this holiday season? Find out in this merry-filled disc, packed with five of your all-time favorite holiday episodes!

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Episode Episode Title
1 Pound Puppies: I Heard The Barks On Christmas Eve
2 Pound Puppies: I Never Barked For My Father
3 Pound Puppies: Barlow
4 Pound Puppies: Good Dog, McLeish
5 Pound Puppies: Prince And The Pupper

Pound Puppies

Alanna Ubach Actor
Brooke Goldner Actor
Cree Summer Actor
Eric McCormack Actor
Jessica DiCicco Actor
John DiMaggio Actor
M. Emmet Walsh Actor
Michael Rapaport Actor
Rene Auberjonois Actor
Yvette Nicole Brown Actor
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