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Police Woman: The Final Season

Released: May 8, 2018 • Available in US & Canada
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Pepper Anderson and Bill Crowley are taking back the streets of Los Angeles one scumbag at a time in the fourth season of the hit crime drama Police Woman! From gunrunners to dope pushers to psychopaths, these two L.A. cops won't stop until the city is cleaned up once and for all.

Starring the stunning Angie Dickinson and the steadfast Earl Holliman, these final twenty-two episodes close the case file on one of the 1970s' most wanted cop shows. With action, drama, and Ms. Dickinson's undeniable sizzle, Police Woman: The Final Season will spice up your DVD collection … with a little "Pepper."


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Episode Episode Title
1 Police Woman: Do You Still Beat Your Wife?
2 Police Woman: Guns
3 Police Woman: Means To An End
4 Police Woman: The Inside Connection
5 Police Woman: Screams
6 Police Woman: The Buttercup Killer
7 Police Woman: Merry Christmas, Waldo
8 Police Woman: Death Game
9 Police Woman: Ambition
10 Police Woman: Blind Terror
11 Police Woman: Tigress
12 Police Woman: Sunset
13 Police Woman: The Young And The Fair
14 Police Woman: The Human Rights Of Tiki Kim
15 Police Woman: The Sixth Sense
16 Police Woman: Sons
17 Police Woman: Murder With Pretty People
18 Police Woman: Battered Teachers
19 Police Woman: Shadows On The Sea
20 Police Woman: Sweet Kathleen
21 Police Woman: Flip Of A Coin
22 Police Woman: Good Old Uncle Ben
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Police Woman: The Final Season

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Earl Holliman Actor
Ed Bernard Actor
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