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Police Story: Season Three

Released: September 25, 2018 • Available in US & Canada
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Product Note: The episodes on this set were sourced from the best available masters of Police Story: Season Three; the street date for this release has been moved to September 25, 2018.


All 22 Original Episodes from 1975-76

Created by ex-cop-turned-acclaimed author Joseph Wambaugh (The Onion Field), Police Story follows the lives of LAPD officers in an anthology of realistic and gritty accounts of what it meant to carry a badge in 1970s Los Angeles. The hit series became a major influence on many critically acclaimed shows that followed, including Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue and Homicide: Life On The Street.

Eschewing the more simplistic, "good guys versus bad guys" approach often seen in its predecessors and contemporaries, Police Story examined this familiar genre through a complex lens. Presenting its characters as multidimensional, fallible, and very human, the series offered dramatic insight into the true nature of police work.

Featuring an array of notable guest stars – including Kurt Russell, Dick Butkus, Chuck Connors, Cleavon Little, Stella Stevens, Sal Mineo, Cindy Williams, Danny Bonaduce, Robert Forster, Bernie Casey, Edgar Bergen, Robert Stack, George Hamilton, Dabney Coleman, Dean Stockwell, and Sylvester Stallone – Police Story's third season continues the series' legacy of powerful and thought-provoking drama.

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Episode Episode Title
Police Story: Open City
Police Story: Officer Dooly
Police Story: Eamon Kinsella Royce
Police Story: The Long Ball
Police Story: Firebird
Police Story: 50 Cents-First Half Hour, $1.75 All Day
Police Story: The Other Side Of The Fence
Police Story: Odyssey Of Death, Part 2
Police Story: Odyssey Of Death, Part 1
Police Story: Spanish Class
Police Story: Company Man
Police Story: Breaking Point
Police Story: Vice: 24 Hours
Police Story: Little Boy Lost
Police Story: The Empty Weapon
Police Story: Test Of Brotherhood
Police Story: Face For A Shadow
Police Story: Officer Needs Help
Police Story: The Cutting Edge
Police Story: A Community Of Victims
Police Story: Losing Game
Police Story: The Cut Man Caper
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