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Jimmie Vaughan
Plays More Blues, Ballads & Favorites

Released: July 26, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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Plays More Blues, Ballads & Favorites is blues-rock pioneer Jimmie Vaughan's second helping of covers of the roots music that inspired him, with covers of songs by Ray Charles, Hank Williams Sr., Lloyd Price, Jimmy Reed and others. The album was recorded in Austin, Texas, and features legendary blues singer Lou Ann Barton joining him once again, on three tracks.

Vaughan founded the iconic Fabulous Thunderbirds in 1974, and they became famous for the high-octane blues-rock sound that earned them critical acclaim in the '70s and platinum-selling albums in the '80s. In 1990, Vaughan recorded a duets album, Family Style, with his brother, Stevie Ray Vaughan, shortly before the latter's untimely death, and then went on to a successful solo career.

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Disc Track Track Name
1 1 I Ain't Never
1 2 No Use Knocking
1 3 Teardrop Blues
1 4 I Hang My Head And Cry
1 5 It's Been A Long Time
1 6 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
1 7 What Makes You So Tough
1 8 Greenbacks
1 9 I'm In The Mood For You
1 10 I Ain't Gonna Do It No More
1 11 Cried Like A Baby
1 12 Oh Oh Oh
1 13 I'm A Love You
1 14 The Rains Came
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