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Was (Not Was)
Pick Of The Litter 1980-2010

Released: February 23, 2010 • Available in US & Canada
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It's an equation as elemental as E=MC2: woodwork squeaks = out come the freaks. That's the formula Detroit band Was (Not Was) has spent a career documenting. 'Hey King Kong: Pick of the Litter' chronicles 30 years of funk-drenched smarty-pants anarcho-surrealism. Featuring hit singles 'Walk the Dinosaur,' 'Spy in the House of Love' and 'Shake Your Head,' this compilation traces the twisted development of producer extraordinaire Don Was and his musical partner David Was with unlikely supporting roles played by Ozzy Osbourne, Kim Basinger, Mel Tormé, Leonard Cohen, Iggy Pop and Downtown Julie Brown.

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