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Peter Gunn: Season Two

Released: June 25, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Before Miami Vice, before Law and Order, the coolest and most sophisticated TV detective was definitely Peter Gunn, created and produced by Blake Edwards (The Pink Panther, SOB).

Set in a nameless waterfront city, the series features stylish film noir cinematography and a stylish musical score written by Henry Mancini, whose "The Peter Gunn Theme" won an Emmy Award and two Grammys®. In fact, Peter Gunn was the first TV show featuring modern jazz for a soundtrack. Edwards himself directed many episodes, as did an impressive roster of Hollywood's best TV directors, including Robert Altman.

Craig Stevens plays Gunn, Pete to his friends, a handsome, suave detective tough enough to take on the hardest of hard cases, but a soft touch when it comes to the ladies. His girlfriend, the gorgeous singer Edie Hart (Lola Albright) is the featured singer at 'Mother's', a smoke-filled jazz club used by Gunn as his unofficial office. Other regulars at the club include a colorful cast of musicians, pool hustlers, artists and a sculptor. His standard fee is $1,000.00, and his reputation keeps the customers lined up for his services, sometimes referred by Mother (Hope Emerson, Season One; Minerva Urecal, Seasons Two and Three), or his police buddy Lt. Jacoby (Herschel Bernardi). A man with expensive tastes, Peter Gunn drives a stylish two-tone Plymouth Fury Convertible, equipped with a mobile phone!

So settle into your favorite easy chair, dim the lights, and enjoy this classic series, one of the best TV detective shows ever!


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Episode Episode Title
Peter Gunn: Baby Shoe
Peter Gunn: The Hunt
Peter Gunn: Sentenced
Peter Gunn: See No Evil
Peter Gunn: Fill The Cup
Peter Gunn: The Grudge
Peter Gunn: Spell Of Murder
Peter Gunn: Hot Money
Peter Gunn: The Wolfe Case
Peter Gunn: Terror On The Campus
Peter Gunn: The Briefcase
Peter Gunn: The Price Is Murder
Peter Gunn: The Game
Peter Gunn: The Rifle
Peter Gunn: Kidnap
Peter Gunn: The Feathered Doll
Peter Gunn: The Young Assassins
Peter Gunn: Death Is A Red Rose
Peter Gunn: The Comic
Peter Gunn: Edge Of The Knife
Peter Gunn: Crisscross
Peter Gunn: Protection
Peter Gunn: The Heiress
Peter Gunn: The Crossbow
Peter Gunn: Letter Of The Law
Peter Gunn: The Semi-Private Eye
Peter Gunn: The Best Laid Plans
Peter Gunn: Send A Thief
Peter Gunn: Witness In The Window
Peter Gunn: Death Watch
Peter Gunn: Slight Touch Of Homicide
Peter Gunn: Wings Of An Angel
Peter Gunn: The Dummy
Peter Gunn: The Murder Clause
Peter Gunn: The Deadly Proposition
Peter Gunn: The Long, Long Ride
Peter Gunn: Hollywood Calling
Peter Gunn: Sing A Song Of Murder
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Peter Gunn: Season Two

Craig Stevens Actor
Lola Albright Actor
Herschel Bernardi Actor
Minerva Urecal Actor
Byron Kane Actor
Bill Chadney Actor
Billy Barty Actor
Blake Edwards Producer
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