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NYPD Blue: Season Ten

Released: August 23, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Featuring all Twenty-Two episodes!

NYPD Blue, the Emmy® award-winning phenomenon from co-creators Steven Bochco and David Milch, returns to DVD for its milestone tenth season.

This season, the men and women of the 15th find themselves under pressure from within, as Internal Affairs investigates Det. John Clark (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) when his name turns up in a murdered prostitute's little black book. Outside the station house, Connie McDowell's (Charlotte Ross) developing relationship with Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz) uncovers new challenges. Sipowicz strains to maintain his personal life and clear Clark's name… but to do the latter, he'll need to call on an old friend: Detective Diane Russell (a guest-starring Kim Delaney, reprising her Emmy® award-winning role).

Co-starring Gordon Clapp, Henry Simmons, Garcelle Beauvais, Jacqueline Obradors, Bill Brochtup, and Esai Morales, NYPD Blue: Season Ten continues the legacy of greatness that made the series one of the most talked-about shows of all time.

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Episode Episode Title
1 NYPD Blue: Ho Down
2 NYPD Blue: You've Got Mail
3 NYPD Blue: One In The Nuts
4 NYPD Blue: Meet Me In The Park
5 NYPD Blue: Death By Cycle
6 NYPD Blue: Maya Con Dios
7 NYPD Blue: Das Boots
8 NYPD Blue: Below The Belt
9 NYPD Blue: Half-Ashed
10 NYPD Blue: Healthy McDowell Movement
11 NYPD Blue: I Kid You Not
12 NYPD Blue: Arrested Development
13 NYPD Blue: Bottoms Up
14 NYPD Blue: Laughlin All The Way To The Clink
15 NYPD Blue: Tranny Get Your Gun
16 NYPD Blue: Nude Awakening
17 NYPD Blue: Off The Wall
18 NYPD Blue: Marine Life
19 NYPD Blue: Meet The Grandparents
20 NYPD Blue: Maybe Baby
21 NYPD Blue: Yo, Adrian
22 NYPD Blue: 22 Skidoo
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NYPD Blue: Season Ten

Actor Bill Brochtrup
Actor Charlotte Ross
Producer David Milch
Actor Dennis Franz
Actor Esai Morales
Actor Garcelle Beauvais
Actor Gordon Clapp
Actor Henry Simmons
Actor Jacqueline Obradors
Producer Mark Tinker
Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Producer Steven Bochco

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