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NYPD Blue: Season Six

Released: June 24, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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One of television’s finest police dramas returns in the sixth season of NYPD Blue, the Emmy® and Peabody award-winning series from co-creators Steven Bochco and David


Rick Schroeder joins an already impressive cast (including Kim Delaney, Jimmy Smits, James McDaniel, Gordon Clapp and Andrea Thompson) as Danny Sorenson, a detective whose methods raise suspicions amongst his co-workers, including his new partner Andy Sipowicz (Emmy® winner Dennis Franz.) But Sorenson’s arrival is just one of many explosive events in NYPD Blue: Season 6 which will ensure that the 15th Precinct can never be the same again.

Featuring guest appearances by Terrence Howard, Daniel Benzali, Mos Def, Kevin Dillon and Emile Hirsch. NYPD Blue: Season 6’s twenty-two episodes (available for the first time on DVD) signify an unforgettable turning point in one of the most acclaimed and controversial programs of its time.


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Episode Episode Title
NYPD Blue: Grime Scene
NYPD Blue: Voir Dire This
NYPD Blue: I'll Draw You A Map
NYPD Blue: Judas Priest
NYPD Blue: Mister Roberts
NYPD Blue: Don't Meth With Me
NYPD Blue: Tain't Misbehavin'
NYPD Blue: I Have A Dream
NYPD Blue: Rafael's Inferno
NYPD Blue: Dead Girl Walking
NYPD Blue: The Big Bang Theory
NYPD Blue: What's Up, Chuck?
NYPD Blue: Show And Tell
NYPD Blue: Raging Bulls
NYPD Blue: Safe Home
NYPD Blue: Czech Bouncer
NYPD Blue: Hearts And Souls
NYPD Blue: Danny Boy
NYPD Blue: Brother's Keeper
NYPD Blue: Numb & Number
NYPD Blue: Cop In A Bottle
NYPD Blue: Top Gum
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NYPD Blue: Season Six

Jimmy Smits Actor
Andrea Thompson Actor
Bill Brochtrup Actor
David Milch Producer
Dennis Franz Actor
Gordon Clapp Actor
James McDaniel Actor
Kim Delaney Actor
Mark Tinker Producer
Nicholas Turturro Actor
Rick Schroder Actor
Sharon Lawrence Actor
Steven Bochco Producer
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