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Nightmare At Noon

Released: March 20, 2018 • Available in US & Canada
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When three tourists stop at a roadside diner in Canyonland, they become the unwitting victims of a lethal scientific experiment. A deranged powerbroker and his high-tech army have sealed off the town and contaminated the water supply with a deadly toxin which turns calm, normal people into raving lunatics. Joining forces with the local sheriff and his daughter, this small band of holdouts wage an explosive life-or-death battle for survival.

Directed by Nico Mastorakis (The Zero Boys) , this thriller includes a B-Movie all-star cast featuring Wings Hauser (Vice Squad), Bo Hopkins (Mutant), George Kennedy (Airport), Brion James (Blade Runner) and Kimberly Beck (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter).

Bonus Features

  • NEW HD Master From The Film’s Interpositive
  • Vintage “The Making Of NIGHTMARE AT NOON”
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Still Gallery

Product Information

Nightmare At Noon

Wings Hauser Actor
Bo Hopkins Actor
George Kennedy Actor
Kimberly Beck Actor
Brion James Actor
Kimberly Ross Actor
Kirk Ellis Writer
Nico Mastorakis Writer
Nico Mastorakis Producer
Nico Mastorakis Director
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