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Night Of The Demons 2-Pack "Suzanne" And "Stooge" NECA Action Figures

Released: October 29, 2019 • Available in
Product SKU: 634482560549
List Price: $79.99 USD


Scream Factory
Special Offer: This ShoutFactory.com Exclusive is limited to 2,500 units.


Last Halloween we unleashed the limited-edition exclusive Night of the Demons “Angela” action figure (now sold out). This year we’ve conjured up some of her friends to party with!

Terrifying new “Suzanne” and “Stooge” demon characters from the 1988 horror hit are ready to cause murderous mayhem in this exclusive 2-pack offer, found exclusively at ShoutFactory.com. More details as follows:

  • The 8” clothed figures will be housed together in a retro-style box featuring the original theatrical key art.
  • The figures are fully poseable.
  • Both figures come with alternative head design pieces.
  • Only 2,500 units will be made. Once they’re sold out, they’re out!

Night Of The Demons 2-Pack "Suzanne" And "Stooge" NECA Action Figures

William Gallo Actor
Alvin Alexis Actor
Hal Havins Actor
Amelia Kinkade Actor
Cathy Podewell Actor
Linnea Quigley Actor
Jill Terashita Actor
Joe Augustyn Writer
Joe Augustyn Producer
Kevin Tenney Director
Walter Josten Executive Producer
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