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Newhart: Season Six

Released: September 13, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Join up with the ‘inn’ crowd on Newhart!

The inimitable Bob Newhart is back for another hilarious helping of off-kilter comedy in the sixth season of the delightfully daffy Emmy®-nominated sitcom, Newhart.

Season Six finds innkeeper, author, and television host Dick Loudon (Newhart) and his wife Joanna (Mary Frann) facing a whole new batch of comic misadventures as they contend with running the Stratford Inn as well as the oddball natives of their quaint Vermont town. However, their quirky companions – handyman George (Tom Poston), queasily cutesy couple Michael (Peter Scolari) and Stephanie (Julia Duffy), and those brothers in buffoonery, Larry (William Sanderson), Darryl (Tony Papenfuss), and "other brother" Darryl (John Voldstad) – are there to ensure that even in their own inn, the Loudons will find no shelter from the storm of silliness that surrounds them.

Includes all twenty-four Season Six episodes!


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Episode Episode Title
Newhart: Courting Disaster
Newhart: The Gleeless Club
Newhart: Newsstruck
Newhart: The Big Uneasy
Newhart: Draw Partner
Newhart: Attention WPIV Shoppers
Newhart: Would You Buy A Used Car from This Handyman?
Newhart: The Buck Stops Here
Newhart: Presence Of Malice
Newhart: A Friendship That Will Last A Lunchtime
Newhart: My Three Dads
Newhart: Support Your Local Shifflet
Newhart: Laugh At My Wife, Please
Newhart: Till Depth Do Us Part, Part 1
Newhart: Telethon Man
Newhart: Till Depth Do Us Part, Part 2
Newhart: Reading, Writing, And Rating Points
Newhart: Take Me To Your Loudon
Newhart: Vintage Stephanie
Newhart: Me & My Gayle
Newhart: Inn This Corner
Newhart: Prima Darryl
Newhart: Here's To You Mrs. Loudon
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Newhart: Season Six

Bob Newhart Actor
John Voldstad Actor
Julia Duffy Actor
Mary Frann Actor
Peter Scolari Actor
Tom Poston Actor
Tony Papenfuss Actor
William Sanderson Actor
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