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MST3K: Volume XXXI, The Turkey Day Collection [Collector's Edition Tin]

Released: November 25, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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Mystery Science Theater 3000
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MST'ies and bowlers share an enduring love of turkeys. This latest collection of episodes from the cult comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 bowls a perfect game — four turkeys — as comic kingpins Joel, Mike and their robot teammates Tom Servo and Crow riff strike after strike. Not a single instance of bad acting, bad writing or bad filmmaking is spared. This promises to be a Thanksgiving match for the ages and, needless to say, you will have a ball. Whether it's ten frames or 24 per second, the snarky anarchy of MST3K will be right up your alley. Happy Turkey Day!

Titles Include:

Jungle Goddess

The Painted Hills

The Screaming Skull



Bonus Features

  • New and Exclusive Turkey Day Intros By Joel Hodgson
  • Inside The Turkey Day Marathon
  • Interview with Squirm Star Don Scardino
  • This Film May Kill You: Making The Screaming Skull
  • Gumby and Clokey
  • Bumper To Bumper: Turkey Day Through the Years
  • 4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance
  • Limited Edition Tin Packaging

Product Information

MST3K: Volume XXXI, The Turkey Day Collection [Collector's Edition Tin]

George Reeves Actor
Jo Pagano Writer
Lewis D. Collins Director
Ralph Byrd Actor
Wanda McKay Actor
William Stephens Producer

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Bill Corbett Actor
Frank Conniff Actor
Jim Mallon Actor
Joel Hodgson Actor
Josh Weinstein Actor
Kevin Murphy Actor
Michael J. Nelson Actor
Trace Beaulieu Actor

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Squirm

Jeff Lieberman Director
Don Scardino Actor
Jean Sullivan Actor
Patricia Pearcy Actor
R.A. Dow Actor
Jeff Lieberman Writer
George Manasse Producer

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Painted Hills

Harold F. Kress Director
Bruce Cowling Actor
Gary Gray Actor
Pal Actor
Paul Kelly Actor
True Boardman Writer
Chester M. Franklin Producer

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Screaming Skull

Alex Nicol Director
Alex Nicol Actor
John Hudson Actor
Peggy Webber Actor
Russ Conway Actor
Tony Johnson Actor
John Kneubuhl Writer
John Kneubuhl Producer
Thomas F. Woods Producer
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