MST3K: Volume XXIX

Released: March 25, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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Mystery Science Theater 3000


Ahead of its time in many ways, the beloved comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 used social media before there was social media. Consider: a creative team of actors and writers put on a puppet show and shared with us not just cheesy old movies, but how they felt about them. They sent their show into the ether, hoping to find kindred spirits to join in the fun and pain. The comments were delivered verbally in snarky one-liners called riffs, the spiritual father of funny tweets. The initial popularity of the show mushroomed as fans made tapes and traded them…viral videos before they turned digital. Is it any wonder, then, that the first MST fans were drawn to the burgeoning internet, using it to find each other and share the love? All the above notwithstanding, this new DVD collection is the only way to own these four never before released episodes with fun extras. Relationship status? It’s not complicated: fans forever. #MovieSign!

Titles Include:

Untamed Youth

Hercules And The Captive Women

The Thing That Couldn’t Die

The Pumaman


Bonus Features

  • Original version of The Pumaman
  • New Interview With Untamed Youth Star Mamie Van Doren
  • New Interview With The Pumaman Star Walter G. Alton, Jr.
  • The Movie That Couldn’t Die
  • New Introductions By Joel Hodsgon
  • About Joel Hodgson’s Riffing Myself
  • MST3K Artist In Residence: Steve Vance
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • 4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

Product Information

MST3K: Volume XXIX

Achille Piazzi Producer
Duccio Tessari Writer
Ettore Manni Actor
Fay Spain Actor
Laura Efrikian Actor
Luciano Marin Actor
Nicolò Ferrari Writer
Pierre Benoît Writer
Reg Park Actor
Sandro Continenza Writer
Vittorio Cottafavi Director
Vittorio Cottafavi Writer
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