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MST3K: Volume XX

Released: March 8, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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Mystery Science Theater 3000


Sit back - when you're not doubled over with laughter, that is - for four classic episodes of this hilarious Peabody Award-winning series. Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo and your host Joel Robinson (Joel Hodgson) are back to riff on your . . . erm . . . favorite movies and television series of yesteryear with all the TLC only the Satellite of Love crew can deliver. And for this 20th volume of the outstanding, groundbreaking series, we're making it a very special Mystery Science Theater 3000 Joel-bilee! And you're on the guest list!

Titles Include:

Project Moonbase

Master Ninja I

Master Ninja II

The Magic Voyage Of Sinbad


Bonus Features

  • New Introduction By Trace Beaulieu
  • New Interview With Master Ninja Guest Star Bill McKinney
  • Tom Servo Vs. Tom Servo 2010 Dragon*Con Panel
  • Exploring The Look Of MST3K With Director Of Photography Jeff Stonehouse
  • Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps
  • 4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

Product Information

MST3K: Volume XX

Bill Saito Actor
Brian Tochi Actor
Claude Akins Actor
Clu Gulager Actor
Demi Moore Actor
Lee Van Cleef Actor
Michael Sloan Writer
Michael Sloan Producer
Nigel Watts Producer
Ray Austin Director
Robert Clouse Director
Shô Kosugi Actor
Timothy Van Patten Actor

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Bill Corbett Actor
Frank Conniff Actor
Jim Mallon Actor
Joel Hodgson Actor
Josh Weinstein Actor
Kevin Murphy Actor
Michael J. Nelson Actor
Trace Beaulieu Actor

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Master Ninja II

Alan Myerson Director
Ray Austin Director
Crystal Bernard Actor
David McCallum Actor
George Lazenby Actor
Lee Van Cleef Actor
Shô Kosugi Actor
Timothy Van Patten Actor
Susan Woollen Writer
Joe Boston Producer
Michael Sloan Producer

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Project Moonbase

Richard Talmadge Director
Donna Martell Actor
Hayden Rorke Actor
Herb Jacobs Actor
Larry Johns Actor
Ross Ford Actor
Jack Seaman Writer
Robert A. Heinlein Writer
Jack Seaman Producer

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Magic Voyage Of Sinbad

Aleksandr Ptushko Director
Alla Larionova Actor
Ninel Myshkova Actor
Sergei Stolyarov Actor
Konstantin Isaev Writer
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Writer
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