MST3K: Volume VII

Released: February 13, 2018 • Available in US & Canada
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Mystery Science Theater 3000


Switch on Mystery Science Theater 3000, the only intergalactic program with enough firepower to blast misbegotten B movies into the can't-miss hits that delusional filmmakers believed they were creating! Joel Hodgson and Mike Nelson join forces with two robots who would never be lost in space – the wisecracking Tom Servo and madcap Crow. Together, our heroes strive to make the universe safe for movie-watchers everywhere. Even the world's most squandered pieces of celluloid can't help but sparkle with new life. With Mystery Science Theater 3000, it's captivating to see just how bad, bad cinema can be.

Titles Include:

Hercules Unchained

Hercules Against The Moon Men

Prince Of Space

The Killer Shrew with Short Junior Rodeo Daredevils

3 Bonus Shorts:

Assignment: Venezuela

Century 21 Calling

A Case Of Spring Fever


Product Information

MST3K: Volume VII

Steve Reeves Actor
Sylva Koscina Actor
Primo Carnera Actor
Sylvia Lopez Actor
Patrizia Della Rovere Actor
Bruno Vailati Producer
Ennio De Concini Writer
Ferruccio De Martino Producer
Pietro Francisci Writer
Pietro Francisci Director
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