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MST3K: Volume II

Released: May 24, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Mystery Science Theater 3000


It's Mystery Science Theater 3000, America's only show that makes fun of really bad B-movies from the comfort of a spaceship floating above Earth.

Take that, third party sellers! Volume 2 is back in print and better than ever.

Titles Include:

Cave Dwellers

Pod People

Angels Revenge

Shorts Vol. 1, Featuring The Home Economics Story, Junior Rodeo Daredevils, Body Care & Grooming, Cheating, A Date With Your Family, Why Study Industrial Arts?, Chicken Of Tomorrow


Bonus Features

  • MST Hour Wraps For Cave Dwellers And Pod People

Product Information

MST3K: Volume II

Alex Susmann Producer
Charles Borromel Actor
David Brandon Actor
Joe D'Amato Director
Joe D'Amato Writer
John Newman Producer
Kiro Wehara Actor
Lisa Foster Actor
Miles O'Keeffe Actor

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Bill Corbett Actor
Frank Conniff Actor
Jim Mallon Actor
Joel Hodgson Actor
Josh Weinstein Actor
Kevin Murphy Actor
Michael J. Nelson Actor
Trace Beaulieu Actor

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Angel's Revenge

Greydon Clark Director
Jack Palance Actor
Jacqueline Cole Actor
Jim Backus Actor
Lieu Chinh Actor
Liza Greer Actor
Peter Lawford Actor
Robin Greer Actor
Susan Kiger Actor
Sylvia Anderson Actor
Alvin L. Fast Writer
Greydon Clark Writer
Greydon Clark Producer
Louis George Producer

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Pod People

Juan Piquer Simón Director
Concha Cuetos Actor
Ian Sera Actor
Manuel Pereiro Actor
Nina Ferrer Actor
Óscar Martín Actor
Susanna Bequer Actor
Juan Piquer Simón Writer
Joaquín Grau Writer
Dick Randall Producer
Faruk Alatan Producer
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