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MST3K: Earth Vs. The Spider / The Screaming Skull [Double Feature]

Released: October 11, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Mystery Science Theater 3000


A double feature of rifftastic classics—served with extra cheese!

Step into the not-too-distant future of Mystery Science Theater 3000, where all thatstands between us and the cheesiest movies ever made is the intrepid crew of the Satellite of Love. Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson, and their robot companions Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot provide hilarious running commentaries over cinema's C-students, allowing us to laugh along at the movies' most inscrutable plots, painful performances, and felonious filmmaking.

Prepare yourself, drive-in movie fans: this disc offers you not one, but two – count 'em, two – wonderfully weird films. First up, Joel and the bots take on the most horrendous horror on eight legs in the big bug classic Earth Vs. The Spider! And after that creepy crawly creature feature, stick around as Mike and his pals wisecrack their way through the utterly insane The Screaming Skull! It's a well-known adage that two heads are better than one... but what do they say about two cheesy movies? (No, really-what do they say? We have no idea.)


Product Information

MST3K: Earth Vs. The Spider / The Screaming Skull [Double Feature]

Ed Kemmer Actor
June Kenney Actor
Eugene Persson Actor
Gene Roth Actor
Hal Torey Actor
Bert I. Gordon Director
Bert I. Gordon Writer
Bert I. Gordon Producer
George Worthing Yates Writer
James H. Nicholson Producer
Laszlo Gorog Writer
Samuel Z. Arkoff Producer
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