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Mystery / Crime / TV

Mr. Lucky: The Complete Series

Released: October 16, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Blake Edwards (The Pink Panther, A Shot in the Dark), again teams up with composer Henry Mancini in this stylish adventure-crime series, Mr. Lucky, starring the dashing John Vivyan, The Lawless Years, as a suave professional gambler and Ross Martin, The Wild, Wild West as his good friend Andamo.

The series opens with Mr. Lucky and Andamo running a successful casino in Andamo’s island homeland, Chobolbo. After a brush with the country’s corrupt dictator, they lose everything when Andamo is discovered running guns to the rebels in Mr. Lucky’s yacht, Fortuna, and must escape by means of a small boat. Their fortunes take a turn for the better when Lucky wins enough money gambling to buy another yacht, which he christens Fortuna II. They turn her into a floating casino, and then an upscale restaurant, anchored in international water off the American coast.

The floating casino attracts a colorful cast of characters, including beautiful women, criminals on the lam and some hiding from criminals.

Guest stars include Nehemiah Persoff, The Magnificent Bribe, Gavin McLeod, Bugsy, Yvonne Craig, Little Miss Wow, Jack Elam, Big Squeeze, Jackie Coogan, Dangerous Lady, and Yvette Mimieux, Stacked Deck.

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Mr. Lucky: The Complete Series

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