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Keiko Matsui

Released: April 24, 2007 • Available in US & Canada
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Contemporary jazz icon Keiko Matsui's new album, Moyo, (Swahili for "heart and soul"), recorded with local musicians in South Africa, Japan and the United States, introduces new sounds and rhythms to her elegant piano melodies and gentle jazz grooves. For this project, Keiko invited other artists into the creative process, including legendary trumpeter Hugh Masekela, sax player Gerald Albright, soprano sax player Paul Taylor, bassist/vocalist Richard Bona, drummer Akira Jimbo and vocalist Waldemar Bastos.

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Disc Track Track Name
1 1 Moyo (Heart & Soul)
1 2 A Great Romance
1 3 Into The Night
1 4 Caricias
1 5 An Evening In Gibraltar
1 6 When I Close My Eyes
1 7 After The Rain
1 8 Allure
1 9 Black River
1 10 Old Potch Road
1 11 Un Novo Dia (A New Day)
1 12 Marula
1 13 When I Close My Eyes (Township Mix) [Bonus Track]
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