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Movies 4 You: Western Classics [4 Films]

Released: May 14, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Four Gun-Blazin’ Western Epics!


Cruze (George Montgomery), the new marshal of Marlpine and his gambler pal, Fairweather (Frank Faylen), go up against a dastardly gang of cattle rustlers led by Tray Moran (Neville Brand). Filled with brawling fistfights, corrupt card games, brutal shootouts and even a bit of romance, The Lone Gun will keep you on the edge of your seat until the action-packed final showdown!


Devious Cavalry officer Capt. George (Lloyd Bridges) gets orders to move a tribe of Cheyenne to a reservation. Marshal Tate (Rory Calhoun) is in love with the chief’s beautiful daughter (Joanne Gilbert) and thinks the Cheyenne should be allowed to stay. However, when Tate’s nephew is killed in a Cheyenne raid, he is forced into a deadly battle to save his town, save his girl, and prevent a full-scale Indian war. In a world of hate, jealously and greed, Tate must risk everything to be with the woman he loves.


When a mysterious stranger, Mike Ryan (Joel McCrea), comes to the aid of the local sheriff, he is deputized and suddenly immersed in the hunt for a prolific and deadly thief, Velvet Clark (Mark Stevens). When the townspeople demand the sheriff’s resignation, Ryan comes forward and reveals his true identity as a Wells Fargo agent and teams up with the sheriff to unmask the notorious Velvet.

GUN BELT (1953)

Reformed outlaw Billy Ringo (George Montgomery) operates a ranch with the help of his nephew Chip (Tab Hunter) and his fiancée (Helen Westcott). When his brother, Matt Ringo (John Dehner), escapes from prison and frames him for a bank robbery, Billy is forced back into a life on the run. To prove his innocence, Billy must confront his brother, infiltrate a gang, take down an old gun-slinging rival, save Chip from a life of crime and deliver the gang to Marshal Wyatt Earp!

Product Information

Movies 4 You: Western Classics [4 Films]

Arthur E. Orloff Writer
Edward Small Producer
George Montgomery Actor
Helen Westcott Actor
Jack DeWitt Writer
Ray Nazarro Director
Tab Hunter Actor

Gunsight Ridge

Francis D. Lyon Director
Joan Weldon Actor
Joel McCrea Actor
Mark Stevens Actor
Elisabeth Jennings Writer
Talbot Jennings Writer
Robert Bassler Producer

Ride Out For Revenge

Bernard Girard Director
Gloria Grahame Actor
Lloyd Bridges Actor
Rory Calhoun Actor
Burt Arthur Writer
Norman Retchin Writer
Norman Retchin Producer

The Lone Gun

Ray Nazarro Director
Dorothy Malone Actor
Frank Faylen Actor
George Montgomery Actor
Don Martin Writer
Richard Schayer Writer
Edward Small Producer
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