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Millennium Actress + Exclusive Lithograph

Released: December 10, 2019 • Available in US & Canada
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Experience the gorgeous new restoration of what many believe to be Satoshi Kon's (Perfect Blue, Paprika) greatest work, Millennium Actress. When the legendary Ginei Studios shuts down, filmmaker Genya Tachibana and his assistant are tasked with interviewing its reclusive star, Chiyoko Fujiwara, who had retired from the spotlight 30 years prior. As Chiyoko recounts her career, Genya and his crew are literally pulled into her memories where they witness her chance encounter with a mysterious man on the run from the police. Despite never knowing his name or his face, Chiyoko relentlessly pursues that man in a seamless blend of reality and memory that only Satoshi Kon could deliver. Boasting countless awards, including the Grand Prize in the Japan Agency of Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival, which it shared with Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away, Millennium Actress is a must-see for anime fans of all ages.


Bonus Features

  • Interviews With The Producers And Voice Talent

Product Information

Millennium Actress

Miyoko Shôji Chiyoko Fujiwara (70's)
Shôzô Îzuka Genya Tachibana
Mami Koyama Chiyoko Fujiwara (20-40's)
Fumiko Orikasa Chiyoko Fujiwara (10-20's)
Shouko Tsuda Eiko Shimao
Hirotaka Suzuoki Junichi Ootaki
Hisako Kyôda Mother
Kan Tokumaru Senior Manager of Ginei
Tomie Kataoka Mino
Tomie Kataoka Mino
Takkô Ishimori Head Clerk
Takkô Ishimori Head Clerk
Satoshi Kon Director
Satoshi Kon Director
Satoshi Kon Writer
Satoshi Kon Writer
Sadayuki Murai Writer
Sadayuki Murai Writer
Tarô Maki Producer
Tarô Maki Producer

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