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McHale's Navy: Season Two

Released: September 11, 2007 • Available in US & Canada
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Still stationed on their naval base on the tiny island Taratupa during World War II, Lt. Cdr. Quinton McHale (Ernest Borgnine), Ensign Parker (Tim Conway) and the rest of the scheming crew of PT-73 are back with 36 hilarious adventures from the Pacific!

The Skipper and his swabbies are on a permanent quest for wine, women and profit, in between war maneuvers. Battles with the Japanese could never measure up to the ongoing conflict between McHale and his commanding officer, Captain Binghamton (Joe Flynn).

Whether Binghamton is plotting to get McHale and his crew tossed out of the Navy, or the boys are plotting for more fun and games, the real war on Taratupa is between the brass and the crew. The weapons in this arsenal are crosses, double-crosses and non-stop hilarity. The boys never surrender their right to have fun.

From 1962 through 1966, McHale's Navy was a staple of ABC television. By its second year on the air, the now-familiar crew were firmly ingrained in the American culture as a gang of fun-loving guys, constantly at odds with authority.


Bonus Features

  • ERNEST BORGNINE AND TIM CONWAY REMEMBER - The Two Icons Reflect On Their Roles And Experiences In The TV Series, Including A Look Back At The Real-Life Military Careers That Inspired The Characters Of Lt. Cdr. Quinton McHale And Ensign Charles Parker!

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Episode Episode Title
McHale's Navy: Scuttlebutt
McHale's Navy: Jolly Wally
McHale's Navy: Today I Am A Man!
McHale's Navy: Have Kimono, Will Travel
McHale's Navy: To Binghamton With Love
McHale's Navy: Is There A Doctor In The Hut?
McHale's Navy: McHale And His Schweinhunds
McHale's Navy: The Binghamton Murder Plot
McHale's Navy: The Day The War Stood Still
McHale's Navy: Babette Go Home
McHale's Navy: Dear Diary
McHale's Navy: Urulu's Paradise West
McHale's Navy: The Great Impersonation
McHale's Navy: Evil-Eye Parker
McHale's Navy: Who'll Buy My Sarongs?
McHale's Navy: The Balloon Goes Up
McHale's Navy: A Medal For Parker
McHale's Navy: My Ensign, The Lawyer
McHale's Navy: Creature From McHale's Lagoon
McHale's Navy: Orange Blossoms For McHale
McHale's Navy: A Letter For Fuji
McHale's Navy: The Happy Sleepwalker
McHale's Navy: French Leave For McHale
McHale's Navy: The August Teahouse Of Quint McHale
McHale's Navy: A Da-Da For Christy
McHale's Navy: The Dart Gun Wedding
McHale's Navy: Marryin' Chuck
McHale's Navy: Carpenter In Command
McHale's Navy: The McHale Mob
McHale's Navy: Ensign Parker, E.S.P.
McHale's Navy: The Rage Of Taratupa
McHale's Navy: Alias PT-73
McHale's Navy: Return Of Big Frenchy
McHale's Navy: Comrades Of PT-73
McHale's Navy: Stars Over Taratupa
McHale's Navy: The Novocain Mutiny
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McHale's Navy: Season Two

Billy Sands Actor
Bob Hastings Actor
Carl Ballantine Actor
Edson Stroll Actor
Ernest Borgnine Actor
Gary Vinson Actor
Gavin MacLeod Actor
Joe Flynn Actor
John Wright Actor
Tim Conway Actor
Yoshio Yoda Actor
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