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McHale's Navy: Season Three

Released: March 18, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale (Ernest Borgnine), Ensign Parker (Tim Conway) and the rest of the misfit crew of PT-73 are back in action on the Taratupa Island Naval Base, setting sail for 36 more adventures in hilarity.

With an unquenchable thirst for the good life in the middle of a rotten war, McHale and his scheming squad are locked in mortal combat not only with the Japanese, but also with the base's top brass — aka Captain Binghamton (Joe Flynn). Whether Binghamton is plotting to get McHale and his crew thrown off the island of banned from the Navy entirely, nothing stops the boys from pulling out all the stops in the name of good times and cheap thrills.

From 1962 through 1966, McHale's Navy was a must-see staple of ABC television. By the show's third year on the air, the now-familiar crew had become a classic part of American culture — an unforgettable gang of fun-loving guys who were constantly at war with the enemy and at odds with authority.


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Episode Episode Title
1 McHale's Navy: The Ghosts Of 73
2 McHale's Navy: Lester, The Skipper
3 McHale's Navy: It's A Mad, Mad, Mad War
4 McHale's Navy: McHale, The Desk Commando
5 McHale's Navy: McHale's Floating Harem
6 McHale's Navy: Laugh, Captain, Laugh
7 McHale's Navy: Will The Alligator Take The Stand?
8 McHale's Navy: The British Also Have Ensigns
9 McHale's Navy: Senator Parker, Suh!
10 McHale's Navy: Fountain Of Youth
11 McHale's Navy: The Great Eclipse
12 McHale's Navy: McHale And His Jet Set
13 McHale's Navy: Christy Goes Traveling
14 McHale's Navy: The Missing Link
15 McHale's Navy: Fuji's Big Romance
16 McHale's Navy: The Stool Parrot
17 McHale's Navy: The PT-73 Follies
18 McHale's Navy: The Truth Hurts
19 McHale's Navy: The Late Captain Binghamton
20 McHale's Navy: McHale's Floating Laundromat
21 McHale's Navy: All Chiefs And No Indians
22 McHale's Navy: Pumpkin Takes Over
23 McHale's Navy: The Seven Faces Of Ensign Parker
24 McHale's Navy: The Return Of Maggie
25 McHale's Navy: Send This Ensign To Camp
26 McHale's Navy: By The Numbers, Paint
27 McHale's Navy: Chuckie Cottontail
28 McHale's Navy: The Great Necklace Caper
29 McHale's Navy: Will The Real Admiral Please Stand Up?
30 McHale's Navy: Hello, McHale? Colonna!
31 McHale's Navy: Rumble On Taratupa
32 McHale's Navy: All Ahead, Empty
33 McHale's Navy: The Vampire Of Taratupa
34 McHale's Navy: Birth Of A Salesman
35 McHale's Navy: A Star Falls On Taratupa
36 McHale's Navy: Make Room For Orvie
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McHale's Navy: Season Three

Billy Sands Actor
Bob Hastings Actor
Carl Ballantine Actor
Edson Stroll Actor
Ernest Borgnine Actor
Gary Vinson Actor
Joe Flynn Actor
John Wright Actor
Tim Conway Actor
Yoshio Yoda Actor
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