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McHale's Navy: Season Four

Released: November 18, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale (Ernest Borgnine), Ensign Parker (Tim Conway) and the rest of the oddball crew of PT-73 get onboard for one more season of ship-tipping adventures.

Season 4 finds McHale and company relocated halfway around the world following their transfer from Taratupa Island to an American Naval base in Voltafiore, Italy. Between the scheming Mayor Mario Lugatto (Jay Novello) and Army Colonel Douglas Harrigan (Henry Beckman), reassignment isn't all it's cracked up to be, and with Captain Binghamton (Joe Flynn) out for blood, McHale has his hands full.

From 1962 through 1966, McHale's Navy was a must-see staple of ABC Television. This fourth season marked the end of what has since become one of the true classics of television comedy and includes a hilarious guest appearance from Don Knotts.


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Episode Episode Title
McHale's Navy: War, Italian Style
McHale's Navy: Wally For Congress
McHale's Navy: Binghamton, At 20 Paces
McHale's Navy: An Ensign's Best Friend
McHale's Navy: The McHale Grand Prix
McHale's Navy: Who Was That German I Saw You With?
McHale's Navy: Little Red Riding Doctor
McHale's Navy: My Son, The Skipper
McHale's Navy: 36-24-73
McHale's Navy: McHale's Country Club Caper
McHale's Navy: Secret Chimp 007
McHale's Navy: La Dolce 73
McHale's Navy: The Wacky WAC
McHale's Navy: Vino, Vino, Who's Got The Vino?
McHale's Navy: The McHale Opera Company
McHale's Navy: The Good Luck Fountain
McHale's Navy: Blitzkrieg At McHale's Beach
McHale's Navy: Reunion For PT-73
McHale's Navy: The Return Of Giuseppe
McHale's Navy: The Boy Scouts Of 73
McHale's Navy: The Fugitive Ensign
McHale's Navy: Fire In The Liquor Locker
McHale's Navy: A Wine Cellar Is Not A Home
McHale's Navy: Voltafiore Fish-Fry
McHale's Navy: The Bald-Headed Contessa
McHale's Navy: Piazza Binghamtoni
McHale's Navy: A Nip In Time
McHale's Navy: Giuseppe McHale
McHale's Navy: Marriage, McHale Style
McHale's Navy: The Bathtub Thief
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McHale's Navy: Season Four

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Bob Hastings Actor
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Edson Stroll Actor
Ernest Borgnine Actor
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