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Comedy / Sci-Fi / TV

Max Headroom: The Complete Series

Released: February 5, 2019 • Available in US & Canada
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20 Minutes Into The Future . . .

Television networks battle one another in an unrelenting ratings war. Whoever controls the airwaves controls the dystopic world in which they broadcast. So when Network 23's star reporter, Edison Carter, uncovers a deadly secret that could shake up the station's dominion over its viewers, the only option is to eliminate Carter before he can make his story public. After Carter's "accident," his mind is uploaded to create the world's first self-aware, computer-generated TV host — Max Headroom! But will Max bow to his creators? Or will he be the key to his human alter ago bringing down a network superpower?

With his own international talk show, music videos, countless endorsements and merchandising, the puckish Max Headroom became more than just a character on television. He was a decade-defining icon, never better represented than in this sardonically witty, adventurous look at society and media's own place within it. All 14 uncut episodes — starring Matt Frewer (Watchmen), Amanda Pays (The Flash), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) and William Morgan Sheppard (Star Trek) — are available in one DVD collection!

Please Note: an earlier version of this set (UPC 826663120325) contains a fifth bonus disc and a collectible booklet. That edition is now OUT OF PRINT.

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Episode Episode Title
1 Max Headroom: Blipverts
2 Max Headroom: Rakers
3 Max Headroom: Body Banks
4 Max Headroom: Security Systems
5 Max Headroom: War
6 Max Headroom: The Blanks
7 Max Headroom: Academy
8 Max Headroom: Deities
9 Max Headroom: Grossberg's Return
10 Max Headroom: Dream Thieves
11 Max Headroom: Whackets
12 Max Headroom: Neurostim
13 Max Headroom: Lessons
14 Max Headroom: Baby Grobags
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