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Max Headroom: The Complete Series (SOLD OUT)

Released: August 10, 2010 • Available in US & Canada
Product SKU: 826663120325
List Price: $49.97 USD
Product Note: As of July 2, 2020, this title is OUT OF PRINT.


Able to boast his own international talk show, music videos, countless endorsements and merchandising, the puckish Max Headroom became more than just a character on television. He was a decade-defining icon, never better represented than in this sardonically witty, adventurous look at society and media's own place within it.

Now, all 14 uncut episodes of the acclaimed '80s show Max Headroom - starring Matt Frewer (Watchmen), Amanda Pays (The Flash), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) and Morgan Sheppard (Star Trek) - are finally available in one long-awaited DVD box set.


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Max Headroom

Amanda Pays Actor
Chris Young Actor
George Coe Actor
Jeffrey Tambor Actor
Matt Frewer Actor
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