Maude: The Complete Series

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Uncompromisin', enterprisin', anything but tranquilizin'...

Television history has given us many memorable, amazing women... and then there's Maude. Bea Arthur (The Golden Girls) stars as the feisty and funny title character in Maude: The Complete Series, finally available on DVD from Shout! Factory.

Created by Norman Lear (All In The Family), Maude pushed the boundaries for network television during its six-year network run from 1972 to 1978. Often controversial and always refreshingly honest, the series never shied away from tackling the topical issues of the day, yet its depth of character and humor left audiences laughing all the way.

Decades after its initial broadcast, Maude remains a benchmark in television for its sharp, intelligent writing, impressive supporting cast (including Bill Macy, Adrienne Barbeau, Conrad Bain and Rue McClanahan) – and of course, the amazing Ms. Arthur. In a role that earned her a well-deserved Emmy® award, Bea Arthur created an indelible portrait of a fiercely liberated woman, paving the way for other noteworthy, female-driven sitcoms.

All 141 Episodes!

Right on, Maude!

Product Note: The two unaired episodes of Maude share titles and story elements that eventually did air. "The Double Standard" was originally shot for Season One as episode 15 and did not air. However, the same script was reshot for Season Two with cast changes and aired on 10/30/73. "Arthur's Friends" (a.k.a. "Maude's New Friends") was originally shot for Season Three as episode 16. This version also did not air, but the script was reshot in Season Five with cast changes and aired 11/29/76. Tapes for both episodes were recently found in the Sony vault and have never been seen by the public until now.

Why We Love It

“This is definitely a must buy set. It’s long overdue but well worth the wait thanks to the amazing people at Shout Factory, who just might be one of the best labels in the business right now. If you are a fan of topical and controversial (less so now but still on point) humor, wry characters, or brilliantly strong women then Maude is the show you need to see. Personally, I find it to be a flawless and hilarious show and one that has taken its place as one of my favorite sitcoms of all time.” – Garon Cockrell, Pop Culture Beast

“Decades after its initial broadcast, Maude remains a benchmark in television for its sharp, intelligent writing, impressive supporting cast- and of course, the amazing Ms. Arthur.” – David Lambert, TV Shows on DVD


Bonus Features

  • Original All In The Family Episode "Cousin Maude's Visit"
  • Original All In The Family Episode "Maude - Pilot"
  • Unaired Episode 115 "The Double Standard"
  • Unaired Episode 316 "Maude's New Friends"
  • Syndication Sales Presentation (Hosted By Norman Lear)
  • Featurette: "And Then There's Maude: Television's First Feminist"
  • Featurette: "Everything but Hemorrhoids: Maude Speaks To America"
  • Featurette: "Memories of Maude" - Featuring New Interviews With Adrienne Barbeau And Bill Macy

Product Information


Episode Episode Title
1 Maude: Maude's Problem (aka Maude And The Psychiatrist)
2 Maude: Doctor, Doctor
3 Maude: Maude Meets Florida
4 Maude: Like Mother, Like Daughter
5 Maude: Maude And The Radical
6 Maude: The Ticket
7 Maude: Love And Marriage
8 Maude: Flashback
9 Maude: Maude's Dilemma, Part 1
10 Maude: Maude's Dilemma, Part 2
11 Maude: Maude's Reunion
12 Maude: The Grass Story
13 Maude: The Slumlord
14 Maude: The Convention
15 Maude: Walter's 50th Birthday
16 Maude: Maude And The Medical Profession
17 Maude: Arthur Moves In
18 Maude: Florida's Problem
19 Maude: Walter's Secret
20 Maude: Maude's Good Deed
21 Maude: The Perfect Marriage
22 Maude: Maude's Night Out
23 Maude: Walter's Problem (aka Life Of The Party), Part 1
24 Maude: Walter's Problem (aka Life Of The Party), Part 2
25 Maude: Walter's Holiday
26 Maude: Maude's Facelift, Part 1
27 Maude: Maude's Facelift, Part 2
28 Maude: Florida's Affair
29 Maude: Maude Takes A Job
30 Maude: The Double Standard
31 Maude: Vivian's Problem
32 Maude: Maude's Musical
33 Maude: The Will
34 Maude: Carol's Problem (aka The Wedding Gift)
35 Maude: Music Hath Charms
36 Maude: The Office Party
37 Maude: The Love Birds
38 Maude: Maude's Guest
39 Maude: The Wallet
40 Maude: Maude's Revolt
41 Maude: The Commuter Station
42 Maude: Florida's Goodbye
43 Maude: The Tax Audit
44 Maude: The Investment
45 Maude: Phillip's Problem
46 Maude: The Runaway
47 Maude: Maude Meets The Duke
48 Maude: The Kiss
49 Maude: Walter's Heart Attack
50 Maude: The New Housekeeper
51 Maude: Speed Trap
52 Maude: Lovers In Common
53 Maude: Walter's Dream
54 Maude: A Night To Remember
55 Maude: Last Tango In Tuckahoe
56 Maude: Vivian's Party
57 Maude: Maude The Boss
58 Maude: Maude's New Friend
59 Maude: Walter's Ex
60 Maude: Nostalgia Party
61 Maude: All Psyched Out
62 Maude: The Telethon
63 Maude: And Then There Were None
64 Maude: The Emergence Of Vivian
65 Maude: Mrs. Naugatuck In Love
66 Maude: Walter's Pride
67 Maude: Walter Gets Religion
68 Maude: The Cabin
69 Maude: Maude's Mother
70 Maude: The Split
71 Maude: Consenting Adults
72 Maude: Rumpus In The Rumpus Room
73 Maude: Maude's Big Decision
74 Maude: The Election
75 Maude: Viv's Dog
76 Maude: For The Love Of Bert
77 Maude: The Fling
78 Maude: The Analyst (aka Maude Bares Her Soul)
79 Maude: Arthur's Medical Convention
80 Maude: Arthur Gets A Partner
81 Maude: Walter's Ethics
82 Maude: Poor Albert
83 Maude: The Christmas Party
84 Maude: The Case Of The Broken Punch Bowl
85 Maude: Walter's Stigma
86 Maude: Maude's Mood, Part 1
87 Maude: Maude's Mood, Part 2
88 Maude: Tuckahoe Bicentennial
89 Maude: Mrs. Naugatuck's Citizenship
90 Maude: Maude's Nephew
91 Maude: Maude's Rejection
92 Maude: Carol's Promotion
93 Maude: Maude's Ex-Convict
94 Maude: Vivian's First Funeral
95 Maude: Maude And Chester
96 Maude: Bert Moves In
97 Maude: Walter's Crisis, Part 1
98 Maude: Walter's Crisis, Part 2
99 Maude: Walter's Crisis, Part 3
100 Maude: The Election
101 Maude: The Game Show
102 Maude: Arthur's Worry
103 Maude: Mrs. Naugatuck's Wedding
104 Maude: Maude's New Friends
105 Maude: The Rip-Off
106 Maude: Walter's Christmas Gift
107 Maude: Captain Hero
108 Maude: Maude's Adult Relationship
109 Maude: Arthur's Crisis
110 Maude: Maude's Desperate Hours
111 Maude: Maude's Reunion
112 Maude: Feminine Fulfillment
113 Maude: Maude's Aunt
114 Maude: Arthur's New Best Friend
115 Maude: Vivian's Surprise
116 Maude: The Household Feud
117 Maude: The New Maid
118 Maude: Maude's Guilt Trip
119 Maude: Phillip And Sam
120 Maude: The Flying Saucer
121 Maude: Victoria's Boyfriend
122 Maude: Walter's Temptation
123 Maude: Phillip's Birthday Party
124 Maude: The Doctor's Strike
125 Maude: The Ecologist
126 Maude: The Gay Bar
127 Maude: Businessperson Of The Year
128 Maude: Maude's Christmas Surprise
129 Maude: Maude's New Client
130 Maude: The Obscene Phone Call
131 Maude: Musical '78
132 Maude: My Husband, The Hero
133 Maude: Maude's Foster Child
134 Maude: Vivian's Decision
135 Maude: Carol's Dilemma
136 Maude: Arthur's Grandson
137 Maude: Mr. Butterfield's Return
138 Maude: Phillip's Mature Romance
139 Maude: Maude's Big Move (aka The Chinese Dinner), Part 1
140 Maude: Maude's Big Move (aka The Wake), Part 2
141 Maude: Maude's Big Move (aka Washington), Part 3
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Maude: The Complete Series

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