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One of the most memorable of the early television police dramas, M Squad debuted in 1957 running for three seasons on NBC.

There were many black and white crime dramas competing for viewers in the late fifties, notably Dragnet, Arrest and Trial, and Checkmate. M Squad stands apart because of its unique combination of story, production values, musical score and a great cast portraying crime fighters getting down and dirty on the mean streets.

Lee Marvin, stars as Lt. Frank Ballinger, a no-nonsense Chicago plainclothes cop in the elite M-Squad Division. The Squad's (M-for Murder) task is to root out organized crime and corruption in Americas Second City. Marvin's portrayal of a tough undercover officer gave Marvin name recognition with the public, and did much to make him a star. He would go on to many starring roles (The Dirty Dozen, Cat Ballou) and to win a coveted OscarⓇ for Best Actor.

Frank Ballinger's boss, Captain Grey, is played by Paul Newlan, a fine actor who brings weight and substance to the role of running the M-Squad. It is perhaps his most memorable role.

But it wasn't just the crisp, taut story lines and great cast that made M Squad memorable.

First, it was shot in gritty, film noir style black and white. The excellent high contrast cinematography brings Chicago to life, with all of its easily recognizable landmarks, swanky penthouses on Lake Michigan, and the seedy darker side of the city.

Second was the musical score. In keeping with the film noir look of the series, the producers enlisted conductor Stanley Wilson to lead the orchestra in arrangements by legendary jazz men Benny Carter, and a young John Williams (Star Wars). For the second season, the great jazz artist Count Basie wrote the enduring "M Squad Theme."

The resulting television series is hard to match for its intensity and its humanity. Marvin's hard-nosed Frank Ballinger is the archetype of all the tough- guy, big-hearted crime fighters. M Squad is that rare television series that has it all. It is about time long-time fans and newcomers have a chance to experience the complete TV series on 16 high-quality DVDs of this great show.


Bonus Features

  • Bonus Disc including a sampling of some of Lee Marvin’s television work from the 1950s and 1960s:
  • Wagon Train - The Jose Morales Story (1960)
  • Checkmate - Jungle Castle (1961)
  • The Virginian - It Tolls for Thee (1962)
  • Lee Marvin Presents Lawbreaker - Pittsburgh (1963)

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Episode Episode Title
1 The Golden Look
1 More Deadly
1 Ten Minutes to Doomsday
2 The Watchdog
2 Dead or Alive
2 The European Plan
3 Neighborhood Killer
3 The Missing Claimant
3 Sunday Punch
4 Pete Loves Mary
4 The Refugee
4 Jeopardy by Fire
5 Face of Evil
5 The Trap
5 Murder in C-Sharp Minor
6 Street of Fear
6 Force of Habit
6 The Human Bond
7 The Matinee Trade
7 The Phantom Raiders
7 Mama's Boy
8 The Hard Case
8 The Merits of the Case
8 Shred of Doubt
9 Killer in Town
9 The Big Kill
9 Death by Adoption
10 Diamond Hard
10 The Sitters
10 Another Face, Another Life
11 The Alibi Witness
11 The Executioner
11 Voice from the Grave
12 The Specialists
12 The Widows
12 The Upset
13 Family Portrait
13 Contraband
13 One of Our Armored Cars Is Missing
14 The Palace Guard
14 Prescription for Murder
14 The Ivy League Bank Robbers
15 The Slow Trap
15 The Teacher
15 The Twisted Way
16 The Cover Up
16 The Third Shadow
16 The Man Who Went Straight
17 Blue Indigo
17 One Man's Life
17 The Second Best Killer
18 The Long Ride
18 The Jumper
18 Pitched Battle at Bluebell Acres
19 The Shakedown
19 The Last Act
19 The Man Who Lost His Brain
20 Dolly's Bar
20 Mugger Murder
20 A Debt of Honor
21 Lover's Lane Killing
21 The Star Witness
21 The Man with Frank's Face
22 The Frightened Wife
22 The Take Over
22 Burglar's Nightmare
23 The Black Mermaid
23 Voluntary Surrender
23 Needle in a Haystack
24 The Man in Hiding
24 Death Threat
24 Race to Death
25 The Chicago Bluebeard
25 The Harpies
25 The Velvet Stakeout
26 Girl Lost
26 Ghost Town
26 Anything for Joe
27 Hideout
27 The Vanishing Lady
27 A Kid Up There
28 Shot in the Dark
28 The Crush Out
28 Diary of a Bomber
29 The Twenty-Six Girl
29 The Fire Makers
29 Let There Be Light
30 The Fight
30 The Terror on Dark Street
30 A Gun for Mother's Day
31 Guilty Alibi
31 Robber's Roost
31 Man with the Ice
32 The Healer
32 The Baited Hook
32 Dead Parrots Don't Talk
33 Day of Terror
33 Model in the Lake
33 A Grenade for a Summer's Evening
34 The $20 Plates
34 The Outsider
34 Two Days for Willy
35 The Case of the Double Face
35 High School Bride
35 Badge for a Coward
36 The System
36 The Dangerous Game
36 Closed Season
37 The Woman from Paris
37 Decoy in White
37 Fire in the Sky
38 Accusation
38 Mr. Grim's Rabbits
38 The Tiger's Cage
39 The Platter Pirates
39 The Bad Apple
40 Death Is a Clock
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M Squad

Lee Marvin Detective Lt. Frank Ballinger, Lt. Frank Ballinger, Barney
Paul Newlan Police Capt. Grey
Gail Kobe Anne Weldon, Dottie Jordan, Mrs. Larry Coleman
Morris Ankrum Police Capt. Dean, Police Inspector Dean
Claire Carleton Dolly Mundy, Sea Horse Bar Owner, Switchboard Operator
William Phipps Al 'Bugsy' Page, Joe Mazzerin, Larry Barker
Paula Raymond Judith Rollins, Myrna Bradley, Simone Brayden
Whitney Blake Jo Bennett, Peg Mallinson, Susan Spencer
Grant Richards Eddie Pagano, Edward J. Carty, Monty
Ruta Lee Connie Meston, Ora Kane, Sheila McAfee
Don Medford Director
Herman Hoffman Director
Don Taylor Director
David Lowell Rich Director
John Brahm Director
Bernard Girard Director
Sidney Lanfield Director
Francis D. Lyon Director
Paul Stewart Director
Allen H. Miner Director
Bernard L. Kowalski Director
Don McDougall Director
Earl Bellamy Director
James Neilson Director
Jerry Hopper Director
Don Weis Director
Mark Sandrich Jr. Director
Robert Ellis Miller Director
Virgil W. Vogel Director
Marc Lawrence Director
Robert Florey Director
John Peyser Director
Robert Altman Director
Richard Bartlett Director
Edward Ludwig Director
Boris Sagal Director
Dan Alexander Director
David Butler Director
Murray Golden Director
Fletcher Markle Director
Bretaigne Windust Director
Dann Cahn Director
Robert B. Sinclair Director
William Witney Director
David Alexander Writer
Earl Baldwin Writer
Bill S. Ballinger Writer
Martin Berkeley Writer
Harold Jack Bloom Writer
Frank Burt Writer
Whitman Chambers Writer
Donald H. Clark Writer
Terry Crosby Writer
Jay D. Crowley Writer
Paul David Writer
Richard Deming Writer
Robert C. Dennis Writer
William Driskill Writer
Fenton Earnshaw Writer
James Edmiston Writer
Lee Erwin Writer
Scott Flohr Writer
Frank Fox Writer
Paul Gangelin Writer
Merwin Gerard Writer
Leo Gordon Writer
James Edward Grant Writer
Ian Hamilton Writer
Ric Hardman Writer
David P. Harmon Writer
Ward Hawkins Writer
Douglas Heyes Writer
William Holder Writer
Keith Hunter Writer
Boris Ingster Writer
Jack Jacobs Writer
Stuart Jerome Writer
Harry W. Junkin Writer
Joel Kane Writer
Leonard Kantor Writer
Jon Kubichan Writer
Jack Laird Writer
John Francis Larkin Writer
Leonard Lee Writer
Norman Lessing Writer
Seeleg Lester Writer
Melvin Levy Writer
Lawrence B. Marcus Writer
Sidney Marshall Writer
William McCluskey Writer
Lawrence Menkin Writer
Oscar Millard Writer
Allen H. Miner Writer
Bob Mitchell Writer
Frank L. Moss Writer
Joel Murcott Writer
Frederick Nebel Writer
Leonard Neubauer Writer
Arthur E. Orloff Writer
Robert Quaid Writer
Joel Rapp Writer
Lewis Reed Writer
Lawrence Resner Writer
Clarke Reynolds Writer
Allen Rivkin Writer
Dennis Roberts Writer
John Robinson Writer
Arthur Rowe Writer
Irving Rubine Writer
Donald S. Sanford Writer
Wilton Schiller Writer
Bernard C. Schoenfeld Writer
Maxwell Shane Writer
Robert J. Shaw Writer
Stirling Silliphant Writer
Jerry Sohl Writer
Harold Swanton Writer
Robert Tallman Writer
Kevin Thomas Writer
Palmer Thompson Writer
Barry Trivers Writer
Hendrik Vollaerts Writer
George Waggner Writer
Thomas Walsh Writer
Adam Williams Writer
Warren Wilson Writer
Irwin Winehouse Writer
A. Sanford Wolfe Writer
John Francis Larkin Producer
John Francis Larkin Producer
Maxwell Shane Producer
Richard Lewis Producer
Richard Lewis Producer
Robert Bassler Producer
Michael Abel Producer
Michael Abel Producer

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