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Lou Grant: Season Four

Released: February 21, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
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The incredible Ed Asner stars as Grant, the no-nonsense city editor of The Los Angeles Tribune. Leading his staff as they investigate a range of challenging topics, the principled, lovable Lou ceaselessly strives to bring the best news coverage possible to the City Of Angels.

Aided as always by a tremendous ensemble cast (including Robert Walden, Linda Kelsey, Mason Adams, Daryl Anderson, Jack Bannon, and Nancy Marchand) and quality, high-minded storytelling, Asner shines in each and every one of Lou Grant's twenty Season Four episodes, whose themes reverberate just as strongly today as when they first aired.


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Episode Episode Title
Lou Grant: Stroke
Lou Grant: Business
Lou Grant: Strike
Lou Grant: Survival
Lou Grant: Violence
Lou Grant: Venice
Lou Grant: Depression
Lou Grant: Search
Lou Grant: Boomerang
Lou Grant: Generations
Lou Grant: Rape
Lou Grant: Campesinos
Lou Grant: Catch
Lou Grant: Libel
Lou Grant: Goop
Lou Grant: Pack
Lou Grant: Streets
Lou Grant: Harassment
Lou Grant: Nightside
Lou Grant: Sting
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Lou Grant: Season Four

Allen Williams Actor
Billy Beck Actor
Daryl Anderson Actor
Edward Asner Actor
Emilio Delgado Actor
Jack Bannon Actor
Linda Kelsey Actor
Mason Adams Actor
Nancy Marchand Actor
Robert Walden Actor
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