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Lock, Stock And Barrel

Released: January 1, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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To escape the disapproval of her father, young lovers Roselle (Belinda Montgomery/Miami Vice) and Clarence (Tim Matheson/The West Wing) elope, pursuing a perilous journey through the rugged frontier. on their travels they fall in love with an escaped convict (Claude Akins) and a charlatan preacher (Burgess Meredith/Batman). This made-for television western is set in the scenic west of 1880. Co-stars Neville Brand (Laredo) and Jack Albertson (The Subject Was Roses).

Product Information

Lock, Stock And Barrel

Belinda Montgomery Actor
Claude Akins Actor
Jerry Thorpe Director
Richard Alan Simmons Writer
Richard Alan Simmons Producer
Tim Matheson Actor
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