Live Or Let Die

Released: February 8, 2022 • Available in US & Canada
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In the deadly wake of a viral outbreak, the human race is on the brink of extinction. Zombies walk the Earth and hunt the living. Among the chaos, lone wolf Nick discovers an old diary that contains a map indicating a sanctuary that might be his last chance at peace. Teaming up with another survivor, the reckless John, Nick journeys through the ruins of society in search of refuge — but they quickly realize that even in a dead world, the ominous threats that walk amongst the living are every bit as terrifying as those posed by the dead.

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Live or Let Die

Jan Bohlenschmidt Nick
Manuel Urbaneck John
Steven Mooers Boss
Alona Hertha Redneck Girl
Michael Valentin Redneck 1
Heiko Schulz Redneck 2
Markus Hettich Zombie transform guy
Dirk Jeblick Giant Rival
Kai Erfurt Bandit victim nan
Anna Eversheim Bandit victim Girl
Manuel Urbaneck Director
Jan Bohlenschmidt Writer
Manuel Urbaneck Writer
Michael Kraetzer Producer
Nicolás Onetti Producer
Manuel Urbaneck Producer

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