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Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Stars

Released: February 14, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
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Shout! Kids


Blythe and the pets of the Littlest Pet Shop are ready to shine in the limelight as Pet Stars! Pepper helps Blythe in a standup comedy contest and Sunil must choose between being the king of the City Park raccoons or going back to the pet shop. Blythe also works to save her friend from looking foolish on a television. No matter how famous the pets get, they remain best of friends!

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Littlest Pet Shop

Ashleigh Ball Actor
Jocelyne Loewen Actor
Kathleen Barr Actor
Kira Tozer Actor
Kyle Rideout Actor
Nicole Oliver Actor
Peter New Actor
Samuel Vincent Actor
Shannon Chan-Kent Actor
Tabitha St. Germain Actor
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