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Littlest Pet Shop: Little Pets, Big Adventures

Released: January 15, 2013 • Available in US
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Shout! Kids


Join Blythe Baxter as she embarks on a brand-new adventure! When she and her dad move into an apartment above The Littlest Pet Shop, she learns she can actually communicate with the pets who hang out in the shop’s day camp! Can Blythe and her new friends keep the pet shop open for its eccentric owner, Mrs. Twombly? Find out with these exciting episodes of the popular new series The Littlest Pet Shop!

Bonus Features

  • A Look Behind The Pet Shop Doors
  • Coloring Sheets

Product Information


Episode Episode Title
1 Littlest Pet Shop: Blythe's Big Adventure, Part 1
2 Littlest Pet Shop: Blythe's Big Adventure, Part 2
3 Littlest Pet Shop: Bad Hair Day
4 Littlest Pet Shop: Gailbreak!
5 Littlest Pet Shop: Penny For Your Laughs

Littlest Pet Shop

Ashleigh Ball Actor
Jocelyne Loewen Actor
Kathleen Barr Actor
Kira Tozer Actor
Kyle Rideout Actor
Nicole Oliver Actor
Peter New Actor
Samuel Vincent Actor
Shannon Chan-Kent Actor
Tabitha St. Germain Actor
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