Little Vampire

Released: October 5, 2021 • Available in US & Canada
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Little Vampire has been 10 years old for the last 300 years. Despite living in a haunted house with a merry group of monsters, he is bored to death. His dream? Going to school to meet other kids. Unfortunately, his parents won't let him leave the mansion because they believe the outside world is way too dangerous! Accompanied by his trusted bulldog Phantomato, Little Vampire secretly sneaks out on a quest for new friends. He will soon meet a human boy, Michael, but their friendship will catch the attention of the terrifying Gibbus, an old enemy that has been chasing Little Vampire and his family for centuries.

Product Information

Little Vampire

Camille Cottin Madame Pandora
Louise Lacoste Petit Vampire, Bois Dormante
Jean-Paul Rouve Le Capitaine des Morts
Claire de la Rüe du Can Michel
Alex Lutz Le Gibbous
Quentin Faure Fantomate
Ricardo Lo Giudice Claude, Le Dieu du Néant
Vincent Vermignon Ophtalmo
Joann Sfar Marguerite
Mara Taquin Daïna
Joann Sfar Director
Sandrina Jardel Writer
Joann Sfar Writer
Joann Sfar Writer
Thierry Berthier Producer
Lucie Bolze Producer
Rodolphe Buet Producer
Yann Cuinet Producer
Antoine Delesvaux Producer
Thierry Pasquet Producer
Cédric Pilot Producer
Aton Soumache Producer

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