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Lightning: The White Stallion

Released: November 20, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Barney Ingram (Mickey Rooney), a down on his luck gambler, has just discovered that his expensive white stallion, Cloverdale, has been stolen. Stephanie (Isabel Lorca), a local high school student who is slowly going blind from a rare eye disorder, finds the horse and forms an immediate bond with the animal. With the help of a feisty stable owner (Susan George), Stephanie begins to train for jumping competitions with the white stallion she now calls Lightning. But just as she and Lightning earn a spot at the national championships a group of gangsters takes Lightning as payment for Mr. Ingram’s gambling debts.

Will Stephanie be able to free Lightning from the clutches of the evil gangsters? Will she be able to win the championship and earn the money for the surgery to save her sight? Find out in this uplifting saga in the tradition of The Black Stallion with a memorable and pulse-pounding finale.

Product Information

Lightning: The White Stallion

Harry Alan Towers Writer
Harry Alan Towers Producer
Isabel García Lorca Actor
Mickey Rooney Actor
Susan George Actor
William A. Levey Director
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