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Lethal Ladies Collection [Triple Feature]

Released: October 25, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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Roger Corman's Cult Classics



Female karate champion Susanne Carter (Jillian Kesner) goes to the Philippines to look for her sister who has disappeared. She stumbles upon a drug cartel and a tournament of no-holds-barred fights to the death in the action-packed Firecracker. Directed by genre specialist Cirio H. Santiago (TNT Jackson) and costarring Vic Diaz (The Big Bird Cage) and Darby Hilton (Malibu Express).


"They call me TNT," martial arts expert Diana Jackson (Jeanne Bell) announces upon her arrival in Hong Kong to look for her missing brother. From there, she heads smack into what is known as the city's worst area, a no-man's-land that is a haven for drug dealers, thieves and killers. TNT does not know that her brother has been brutally murdered by Charlie (Stan Shaw), an American who has settled in Hong Kong and is bent on inching his way to the top of the city's drug-smuggling trade. But he has no idea what he's up against when he tangles with dynamite in TNT Jackson!


Contract killer Samantha Fox (Cheri Caffaro) accepts a mission to kill a group of gangsters in the Philippines, but problems arise when she falls for the Manila detective investigating the murders. Director Don Schain, who was married to Caffaro, directed her in several films prior to Too Hot To Handle, including Ginger, Girls Are For Loving and The Abductors.

Product Information

Lethal Ladies Collection [Triple Feature]

Cirio H. Santiago Director
Cirio H. Santiago Writer
Darby Hinton Actor
Ernie Rojas Producer
Jillian Kesner Actor
Ken Metcalfe Writer
Rey Malonzo Actor
Syed Kechik Producer
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