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Released: October 19, 2010 • Available in US
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Middle-aged, eccentric Bertie (Polly Holliday) suddenly becomes a mother when an 8-year-old boy (Huckleberry Fox) is mistakenly delivered to her door, vacuum-sealed in a can. It's Konrad, a factory-made "instant child," perfect in every way. When the factory realizes the error, they come to take Konrad away from his loving but imperfect home. But Konrad's new mom has a hilarious plan to foil the factory and keep her beloved little boy!

Based on the novel by Chris Noestlinger.

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Christine Nöstlinger Writer
Elliot Friedgen Producer
Huckleberry Fox Actor
Malcolm Marmorstein Writer
Max Wright Actor
Ned Beatty Actor
Nell Cox Director
Polly Holliday Actor
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