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Drama / Crime / TV

Kojak: Season Three

Released: March 20, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Telly Savalas returns as the lollipop-packing dapper detective Theo Kojak in another unforgettable season of the renowned mystery series.

Season Three finds Kojak embroiled in a series of high-profile cases involving the savage murder of a priest, a car theft ring, an 18-year-old homicide cold case, a cop killer and a Mob hit ordered on Kojak himself. Known for pushing the limits with a fiery intensity while keeping a cool head, Kojak never let the law get in the way of justice.


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Episode Episode Title
Kojak: My Brother, My Enemy
Kojak: A Question Of Answers, Part 1
Kojak: A Question Of Answers, Part 2
Kojak: A Wind From Corsica
Kojak: On The Edge
Kojak: How Cruel The Frost, How Bright The Stars
Kojak: The Forgotten Room
Kojak: A House Of Prayer, A Den Of Thieves
Kojak: Money Back Guarantee
Kojak: A Long Way From Times Square
Kojak: No Immunity For Murder
Kojak: The Nicest Guys On The Block
Kojak: Over The Water
Kojak: Out Of The Frying Pan . . .
Kojak: Life, Liberation, And The Pursuit Of Death
Kojak: Secret Snow, Deadly Snow
Kojak: Be Careful What You Pray For
Kojak: Sweeter Than Life
Kojak: A Grave Too Soon
Kojak: Both Sides Of The Law
Kojak: The Frame
Kojak: Deadly Innocence
Kojak: Justice Deferred
Kojak: Bad Dude
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Dan Frazer Actor
George Savalas Actor
Kevin Dobson Actor
Mark Russell Actor
Telly Savalas Actor
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